Young Adults


Young Adults

Your young-adult years are unlike any other you may encounter. Between the age of 18-35, you are expected to make major life decisions and become a free thinking adult. The local church is uniquely equipped to help you to tackle the issues and decisions you face. We’ll have great times of authentic worship and teaching, we’ll hang out and do life together connected in small groups, and we’ll have great times at super fun events and activities throughout the year.

Sunday School/Small Group – Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

10:00 am Sunday School/Small Group

Room number - Class - Teacher

Rainbow Room - Young Adults - Joe & Jill Brinkley


What We Are About:

Our goal as a Ministry is to have young adults who: Make loving and pursuing God the ultimate desire, seek unity above self interest, share and live out The Gospel in their current context and culture, understand the reality of God's desire for the nations, and to love the church and have belonging. 

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We believe that when we intentionally live out the Gospel our assumptions and misunderstandings about Christianity begin to melt away and that we’ll witness drastic life change through the person of Jesus Christ. Young adults have incredible abilities that can impact the culture. We want to challenge you to think through Christianity and various existing worldviews. As you honestly evaluate your current beliefs and worldview, the church will be a safe place for open dialogue.

Our goal as a ministry is to engage young adults who:

  • Know Their Identity is in Christ
  • Love the Nations
  • Know How to Navigate the Bible
  • Can Articulate the Gospel
  • Love the Church



During Sunday School at Kern Heights Baptist Church, you can come, learn, and grow with other singles or married couples  who have a desire to live out and learn about the purposes of God in our lives.

Sunday School classes are set up to create a group for you to freely choose and one that you can feel comfortable in.  It is a fun place to get together with genuine people who desire to pursue Christ. It is also a place to come to share and to help lift each other up.

Sunday School/Small Group – Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

The Sunday School/Small Group Ministry is committed to teaching God’s Word so that people might grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and in their relationship with Him. We offer classes/groups for all ages and life situations where you can:

  • Continue to grow in your faith
  • Build lasting relationships and friendships
  • Identify your spiritual gifts and ministry opportunities
  • Truly feel a part of the church family

Here is a complete listing of all Adult Sunday School classes.

Adult Sunday School Classes



Room number-  Class - Teacher

Ruth Class - Carol Honea

105 - Women's I - Carolyn Taylor



Room number - Class - Teacher

103 -  Men's  I - Gary Casey,  Don Addington


Adults (co-ed/couples)     

Room number - Class - Teacher

102 - Adult Co-Ed/Couples - Elmer Hamel